Baba Yaga Comes in for a Landing

Baba Yaga comes in for a landing





The first iteration of the Fish Bomb Boats, an airship based upon marine iconography was created and exhibited from 2008 to 2015.  Abstracting the shapes to shift between fish-like forms and boats, I juxtaposed fin-like mechanisms, propellers and zeppelin like forms.  Several of the latter airships utilized hard, hollowed gourds with in their structure as part of the living space mythos. After my 2015 show, I felt the airships in their current form had run its course and I concentrated on to the living space of the former airships.  Exploring the house imagery, I am drawing upon my printwork with Baba Yaga.  I have started investigating the recent Fish Bomb Boats as Baba Yaga/Baba Yaga's house, which stands on chicken feet and rotates. Baba Yaga herself flies, riding in a morter, pushing herself along with the pestle and sweeping her tracks away with a broom. I encorporate this iconography and my perception of her as a primordial forest goddess/spirit. Again exploring my ideas of our relationship with the environment, I take more adversarial manner as Baba Yaga will kill intruders into her forest, especially ones that are disrespectful. Those who treat her and her domain respectful are often gifted with magic.